Electrolysis FAQs


How Does it Work? Electrolysis a process that uses an electrical current to permanently destroy each hair follicles blood supply. This is done by inserting a very fine probe into the natural indentation of skin next to each hair follicle, we then send a burst of current to that hair follicle thereby destroying it.

*There are three different forms of Electrolysis:

Galvanic: This was the first electrolysis modality invented, it uses a DC current to deliver a slow steady current to the follicle thereby destroying the blood supply.


Thermolysis: This is a short wave/ high frequency current that delivers a burst of current to the dermal papilla, essentially cauterizing the blood supply so that the follicle is destroyed.


The Blend Method: This method combines both of the above modalities to achieve the best of both worlds, for a truly unparalleled method of permanent destruction.



How many treatments are required? The number of treatments varies with each person. Factors such as growth cycles, previous methods of hair removal, heredity, hormone function, certain medications and stress can influence the treatment program for each person.  It is important to adhere to a regular schedule of treatments to reach your goals in the shortest period of time.


Does it hurt? The treatment is generally well tolerated, there is a sensation of heat which is assurance that a destructive  activity is taking place.  for individuals who tend to be sensitive we can make suggestions to help with tolerance. 


Can electrolysis be performed anywhere on the body? Unwanted hair can  safely be removed from most body areas.  Common areas include... 

For women: eyebrows , upper and lower lip, chin , cheeks, sideburns, neck, bikini-line, abdomen, underarms, breasts, arms, and legs.

For men: eyebrows, ears, chest, and back.


Can I use temporary methods of hair removal during my treatment process? We recommend that you only shave or cut the hair between treatments, so that the follicles are left intact and can be treated.  Tweezing and waxing can stimulate additional growth.


How long does the hair have to be? We generally need a few days growth or 1/16 of an inch.


What Sterilization precautions are observed? We use disposable probes and disposable gloves.  Electrology instruments are sterilized in accordance with national standards. 


Does Electrolysis damage the skin? When a competent electrologist performs the treatment there shouldn't be ANY skin damage. Directly following the treatment the area may be red and slightly welted, this usually disappears within a few hours. 


What if I'm pregnant?  Although electrolysis has never been proven harmful to pregnant women, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your physician before beginning treatment.  This office uses only Thermolysis on pregnant women.