The ~ART~ of Eyebrows


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your eyebrows frame that window into your soul.  Your eyebrows have the power to transform your look, they can bring balance to your face.  Your eyebrows can actually change the way you look (for better or worse) and of course we all want to look our best.


Framing your face with the most fitting and natural brow is one of the most important aspects of overall style and beauty. 


You can achieve this permanently with electrolysis, not only will you have a custom eyebrow shape, it will stay that way forever. No more waxing or tweezing! You won't have to worry about messing up the shape or style, or the in~between stages.


Eyebrows respond very quickly to electrolysis because the hair is not susceptible to hormonal changes.


Most clients will require between 8-10 treatments.


Come in today for your
"Precision Eyebrow Design" 
we will help you achieve a permanent/maintenance free eyebrow.